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Wishing you the best for 2008

Tuesday, 1st January 2008

From all the team at Exotic-Pets.co.uk, we would like to wish you all the very best for 2008.

Exotic-Pets.co.uk have big plans for 2008. New features are being added, we offer more pet related products and species each year. Some species of exotic pets need breeding more in captivity, we have breeding projects organised for later this year.

Following the next few weeks, more pet related products will be added including vitamin supplements, more books and lighting etc. Extra photos of species will be added along with starter kits and live foods.

With new procedures in place, stock levels will be up-dated on a daily basis and emails answered throughout the day (excluding weekends). Our phone line will soon be up and running, if you need a quick reply/answer give us a call.

We would also like to thank all of you that have been patiently awaiting a delivery from December. Due to the freezing temperatures, livestock orders could not be despatched on time. We are not risking the animals welfare and will only send when we feel the weather is suitable. If you have any concerns or would like an up-date, please send us an email via the contact form, we'll look into this for you.

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