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Same day hand delivery now available

Thursday, 2nd November 2006

With the temperatures slowly dropping to below freezing, it may be in your best interest to choose the same day hand deliver service that we provide here at Exotic-Pets.co.uk.

If you live within a 100 miles of the S40 postcode, why not ensure that your order is delivered to your door in perfect condition and prevent less stress for your new exotic pet. Here at Exotic-Pets.co.uk, we have decided to make this an option on the check out page. For further information on how this works, see the article in the FAQ section.

We are also getting closer to Christmas. Why not order your items now, to ensure you will have these for Christmas. Again, the hand deliver service may be the best option, as we will not dispatch while the weather is falling below freezing temperatures.

If this becomes popular for our customers, we may expand our delivery distance and deliver on a certain day to reduce the costs that we charge. Please let us know your thoughts on this, as comments are much appreciated.

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