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It's winter once again!

Thursday, 2nd November 2006

Itís only just turned winter and we are already feeling the affects of it. This week, the weather will be going as low as -9C in some parts of the UK.

Due to the freezing temperatures, we at Exotic-Pets.co.uk have decided to hold onto any reptile and amphibian orders, as this is too risky to ship. We are still sending a few Invert and live food orders out, but these will include heat pack where we feel this is necessary.

Unfortunately, some prices may have a slight increase of an extra £1, but this is to cover the costs of the heats packs. If the weather does warm up and a heat pack is not used, we will place this £1 into your Pet Points for a future order.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us so far and understand the risks of sending any livestock during winter. We will try our best to dispatch orders on time, but if the weather stays in the minus, this may mean your order will take longer than the 10 working days. We will inform you via email of any delays due to the weather.

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