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Nearly 800.00 in Exotic Pets referral points in one year? How?

Sunday, 3rd September 2006

Its been one year since we launched the new and improved Exotic-Pets.co.uk website. As our registered users will know, we have a referral system. This is how Philip B made it pay.

We asked our top referrer to tell us how he has made a success of the referral scheme - this is what he had to say:

At first, I thought it was a scam - but when I found out it doesn't cost anything, I thought - what the hell, I'll give it a go.

First, I sent my referral code to a few of friends - a couple days later, I noticed on 'my referral details page' that they had registered. A month or so passed and I'd forgot about it - but when I checked, I think there was about £1.09 in my account.

I noticed from the 'referral details page' that I'd got some points off one of my mates. I e-mailed him; he told me that he had bought a few bits from the site.

All excited about earning £1.00 or so, I read the recommendations and followed the advice. Not having my own site, nor being a computer whizz - my strategy was simple, tell everyone and anyone about the site, making sure they signed up with my referral code.

I made myself some cards, nothing special - just the website address on and my referral number. (Memorising your referral code helps too). Anyone who mentioned snake, lizard or spider I gave a card to. I earned another £5.00 or so within the next few weeks.

But, it wasn't until a month or so before I noticed my referral points rapidly increasing. What I'd not realised, was unlike the standard affiliate schemes - Exotic-Pets.co.uk referral system pays out EACH time a referrer buys something. So its not just the first purchase you earn from.

Within a couple of months I had over £100.00 in my account. Although, I think it's when I told people about the referral system the points started flooding in. I'm guessing that it's a combination of the referrers I already had, and my referrers referring. (Exotic-Pets.co.uk Note: You earn referral points from your referrals, referrals)

I got permission to put some leaflets (with my referral code on) in a couple of local pet shops (that don't sell exotics) and I put my referral link as an e-mail footer and on any forum entries. I've even contact US websites with my referral code.

Now, on average I'm earning just under £3.00 per day :-)

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