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Exotic Pets on BBC2 - Let Me Entertain You, with Brian Conely

Monday, 14th August 2006

Karen, our very own little star, volunteered to perform on BBC2 new talent show called Let Me Entertain You.

Exotic-Pets.co.uk was contact at the beginning of the month via Lion TV to perform on a new talent show called "Let Me Entertain You" hosted by Brian Conely. We decided to go ahead and take along a small number of our animals to entertain a tough audience for three minutes.

Karen was the brave sole to volunteer to talk about the animals on stage with Brian Conely. She even managed to get into the Semi-Finals and said:

"It was so nerve racking to start off with, but once on stage there was nothing to it. It was such an experience, I'm just glad I did it. You have to watch the performance, Brains face is a picture, I couldn't stop laughing at him, he was petrified!"

Due to air on Monday 21st August 2006, this is a BBC2 teatime entertainment show to run for four weeks.

Everyone at Exotic-Pets.co.uk is so proud of Karen, she was a star!

If you have been waiting for a reply from us via email or phone, please bare with us as we have now become delayed due to the show. We will try our best to contact you all before the weekend and dispatch as many orders as possible before the end of this week.

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