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Our Common Boa has given birth

Saturday, 1st July 2006

The female Common Boa Constrictor that we adopted/rescued last year, has given birth to 26 babies!

In November 2005, you may remember us adopting/rescuing an adult pair of Boa Constrictors. They were both under weight and were kept in a small enclosure that was rarely cleaned out! Read the full story...

With regular feeding and general care, both Boas gained weight and bred this year. On Monday 26th June, our female gave birth to 26 healthy babies. Both mother and babies are doing well. The mother is now eating small prey, this is to increase along with the amount of food we give her to ensure she gains weight that she has lost due to the babies. Below we have added some photos of the new born babies.

Boas that have just been born Baby Boa still in egg sac

We are now looking for new homes for the babies. All babies are healthy and will be feeding before we let any go. If you are interested, please be aware of the size these Boas can reach (5-9ft) and the size enclosure they will require as adults. Don’t miss out on owning one of these baby Boas, we are taking orders now!

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