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New breeding programs set up

Saturday, 15th April 2006

The Exotic Pets team are always looking for new breeding projects to set up. We have decided to breed a few more species to offer more captive bred stock.

We have found from research that the Velvet Worms that are on our site are a popular and interesting species to a lot of our customers. Unfortunately, we can only get small amounts as our supplier is struggling to find areas where these are in vast numbers, so we have decided to start breeding them ourselves.

On site, we currently have a number of adults, juveniles and newly born babies, there may also be eggs within the substrates as we have two species. We are planning to keep this group going throughout the spring and hopefully by summer have enough to supply some of our customers. We will still receive fresh stock from our supplier, but this is a back up and it would be nice to see these bred in captivity instead of always wild caught.

Velvet Worm a few days old Grown on Velvet Worms

Also on the breeding project list for this spring are the following species:

  • Common Boa Contrictor - babies due in April
  • Rainbow Boas - number of species groups
  • Rankins Dragons - eggs due to be laid in April/May
  • Cockraoches - we have a number of different species already breeding
  • Stick Insects - Macleays, Pink Winged, New Guineas and Bark Stick
  • Praying Mantids - African, Ghost and New Zealand Mantids
  • Chinese Painted Quails - fresh eggs for your egg eating snakes

We are also looking at a few species of lizards that only seem to be Wild Caught stock. Just some of the species we are looking into breeding by Summer 2006:

Why not tell us which species you are captive breeding - write us an article on useful tips and advice. Log into your account and following the easy steps on writing your own article.

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