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The weather is still cold but we are catching up on delayed order

Tuesday, 21st March 2006

The weather so far this year, has been extremely cold and nasty. It's now starting to warm, so we are slowly catching up on the large back log of orders.

From everyone at Exotic Pets, we would like to thank you all for being so patient and understanding with your orders. We were due to send all orders out this week, but the weather has turned cold again with freezing nights. We are hoping to have most orders dispatched on Thursday as it's forecasted to be between 3-9C during the night excluding Scotland. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, we will dispatch from Monday onwards.

If you are ordering dried, frozen or live foods, you will probably find you will receive these within 5 working days, sooner is we have the goods on site. We do not hold much stock on site apart from a few products of dried goods, frozen foods and some species of amphibians and lizards. This is how we keep our prices low, we order stock direct from our breeders and suppliers when required!

If you wish to contact us, please email as our phone is currently turned off, as the work being carried out on the building is taking a little longer than planned. With all the banging and drilling, you wouldn't be able to hear us speak. If you have left a message on our phone, we will try and answer your queries ASAP once turned back on.

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