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Please re-contact us with recent emails

Wednesday, 1st March 2006

If you have contacted us via email this week, you may have to resend this due to some emails becoming lost.

This past week, we have been transferring all our emails to a new computer. Unfortunately, some emails that we had not had chance to reply to have now been lost. If you have recently sent an email and are awaiting a reply, please contact us again with your questions/queries.

Some of you may be aware that our phone has also been turned off a few days this week. Due to other work being done within the building, it would have been too noisy to answer calls. If you have left a message, we will be in touch shortly.

We are looking at adding some more care sheets and photos this weekend now our computer is up and running had a few teething problems to start off with. New species of lizard, snakes etc. will also be added, we have not yet finished adding all the species we can get. Trust me, there are a lot and with increasing breeders and suppliers we should be able to supply our customers with what they want. If there is a species you are looking for, please contact us with the common and Latin name and we will see if we can get this for you.

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