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New Website Launched!

Friday, 26th August 2005

Here's a very warm welcome to the new Exotic-Pets Website! It's taken us a little longer to put all the bells and whistles on our brand-spanking-new site, but we finally got there, and we're sure you won't be disappointed!

After many months of hard graft, emails, advice, several cups of coffee and a few expletives, we've completed Exotic-Pets.co.uk to help you:

  • Find the exotic pet you are looking for
  • Access all the information you need to look after your exotic pet(s) such as care sheets etc.
  • Provide you with live food and housing

And you can do all of this by registering some basic details with us! Purchasing from Exotic-Pets couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the items you wish to purchase and pay via PayPal. We will also be setting up a merchant account to accept online payments and prevent any delays in order processing.

We'd also like you to use this Website as your space to voice your opinions and share your knowledge with other members of exotic pet lovers' community. Simply send us an email. We're constantly developing the site so if you come across any errors or would like to see this site grow in any way, please feel free to contact us.

Finally, we'd like to say thank you to all the people who have made this possible - WXGMedia.com (especially Miles Fryer and Rob Clarkson) for all their help and support in building this Website, Neil Gascoyne for his brilliant designs, the team at Business Link and Bolsover District Council (including Helena and Elizabeth), our existing customers and friends and family who have provided us with endless encouragement (and nagging)!

Warm wishes,

The Exotic-Pets.co.uk team

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