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Food and Supply Orders

Monday, 30th March 2020

All essential services for livefood, frozen food and pet supplies operating as usual.

Is there a shortage of livefood?

Over the last couple of weeks there has been an increase in demand for livefood, this has resulted in locust bulk bags being temporarily withdrawn from sale. This is so the breeders can keep up with demand while they scale up their production.

There are no supply issues with any other insects and we expect locust bulk bags to be available again very soon.

Is frozen food guaranteed?

Yes. This is a premium service and we understand the couriers are still making every effort to deliver during the normal timed window of delivery.

Will supplies become a problem?

The honest answer is we don't know at this stage. Our stock levels remain healthy and so do that of our wholesale partners, however it is possible some products may be delayed that come from overseas with our suppliers. If this happens they won't be available to purchase on the website temporarily. Often we have sensible alternatives for most things, so don't worry. 

We know many of you were looking for hand santizers, wipes and disinfectants. Many of these have sold through and we don't have an exact ETA on their return. Please remember that these are reptile related products and if we see people trying to bulk buy them, rather than use them for the purpose they were intended, we will have to ration numbers per customer.

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