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Urgent Information for all livestock orders

Tuesday, 28th October 2014

We are currently having a few difficulties with our animal courier and would like to ask all customer who currently have an order to bear with us while we try and resolve this current situation.

As of today 28.10.14 TNT have decided to put a stop on accepting all livestock deliveries including a number of other products. They have given no notice of this decision and we have only just been informed. To prevent any further disappointment to our customers we have removed the option to purchase livestock. We are still selling the equipment, live foods and inverts – this is only affecting reptiles and amphibian orders at present.

We are looking into other means of delivering our livestock orders for orders that are currently “awaiting dispatch”. This isn’t only going affect us, but ALL Reptile Shops and businesses throughout the whole of the UK. We are working with other organisations/businesses to come up with a solution.

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