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Another Common Boa Rescued!

Saturday, 3rd December 2005

We have taken in another Common Boa that was in very poor condition. The Boa is under weight and has extremely bad skin from poor sheds.

Exotic Pets have yet again taken in a Common Boa that required a new home. Unfortunately, the owner’s circumstances changed and they could no longer keep the Boa. We decided to see the Boa and unfortunately, it wasn’t good.

The Common Boa is approximately 2 years old, but looks much younger as it’s very small. There is little weight on it. The Boa was apparently going through a shed, but we are not sure how long the snake had been like this as it was very patchy with lots of old skin present.

We are currently feeding the Boa on two Weaner Rats each week, which is an increase from one small Mouse every one to two weeks. We are also still trying to remove all the old skin, which after many hours of soaking and nursing is nearly off.

We are hoping to nurse the Boa back to health as currently this is in very poor condition and is very upsetting to see. We will keep you updated on the new Boa's progress over the next few months.

A quick update on the two adult Boas - they have gained weight from all the extra food; shedding their skin correctly and also breeding. We have calculated that there could possibly be some baby Boas in mid March early April. Watch this space!

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