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Possible delays on orders due to weather!

Monday, 21st November 2005

Due to the weather conditions, we may decide to hold back with dispatching your order for the welfare of the livestock.

The weather has turned nastily cold over this past week and therefore delays may be possible on recent orders placed. Although we have slightly increased our Royal Mail postage and packaging cost to include heat packs with every invertebrate order, this may still be risky to send out livestock. Orders placed for Reptiles and Amphibians will always have heat packs included in the price, but this may not be enough while the weather is so bitterly cold and freezing.

Therefore, we may decide to hold back with dispatching your order until we feel that the weather is suitable. We are thinking of the animals welfare and do not want to put the livestock in any discomfort or stress during their journey.

We are still willing to hand delivery livestock within 100 miles of Chesterfield at cost. We can delivery to your home or work address or even meet you half way in a service area or other destination of your choice. Please contact us if you would like a quote.

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