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New Phone Times

Tuesday, 6th September 2011

We have decided to change the times of when we answer the phones.

We have seen an increase in business over the last few months, therefore we are spending more time packing and dispatching orders.

We are changing our telephone hours to the following:

Monday and Fridays: 11am till 5:30pm
On these days we may be feeding/cleaning animals or even hand delivering orders - try again if we can not answer.

Tuesday - Thursday: 11am till 12pm, then 5pm till 6pm
Our busy period of packing orders is after lunch time until 5pm.

Saturday and Sundays - Closed
Staff are on the premises, however mainly dealing with livestock.

If we are not busy we will aim to answer as many calls between these times. If we are unable to answer between the times stated, try later or call the following day - we may be collecting/delivering stock.

On our busy days (Tuesday - Thursdays), we will ensure that we are in the office taking calls and replying to emails between these times.

We do have a back log of emails at the moment, however if you do not require an urgent response please send an email via the sales or general enquiries.

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