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Our Leopard Gecko Breeding Project

Monday, 29th August 2011

A close friend and breeder had decided it was time to move on his breeding Leopard Geckos to concentrate on a different and more difficult species of lizard. This gave us the opportunity to set up our own breeding group of Leopard Geckos.

Within this group we have a nice selection of colour morphs and are hoping to provide top quality geckos at a reasonable price next spring. Along with the more common normal, high yellows, trempler albino, albino patternless, we will also have blizzards, aptors, raptors, mack snows, super snows, albino super snows, enigmas and I'm sure many more colours and patterns will become available.

All these geckos are free from any disease, especially Cryptosporidium which is an infection with no known treatment and is fatal to leopard geckos. We will follow the same strict feeding/watering and cleaning method as our breeder did, providing healthy geckos.

Keywords: leopard gecko, breeing leopard geckos, eublepharis macularius, breeding eublepharis macularius,

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