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NEW!!! Exotic pet articles section added

Monday, 14th November 2005

We have been working on the article system for weeks now and this is finally at a stage where you can read and contribute!!!

We have just launched the article system - our aim is to have a resource of exotic pet related information to help and advise exotic pet keepers, breeders and enthusiasts.

Are you experienced in keeping or breeding any exotics? Have you got a list of helpful tips for a certain species? You can write anything, as long as it is related to exotic pets.

How to write your own articles

At the bottom of each article there are links to both "write a comment" and/or "write your own article".

Alternatively, you can write and manage your articles in My Account. Sign in to My Account, within the list of links you will see the My Articles link - click this and you will find a Write a new article link.

You have the option to save your article, just in case you want to come back to it before you submit it to the site. Once your article has been submitted you cannot edit it.

All comment and articles are reviewed before posting on the site.

Please note, we don't award Pet Points for articles - however, we do give Pet Points for Care Sheets.

We would also like to say thank you to Richard Potter for the following care sheets.

Keywords: exotic pet articles, exotic pet information

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