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Do you have a pet that has a talent?

Friday, 6th May 2011

This Friday (6th May) The One Show are looking for British pet owners from all over to come in with their amazing, talented pets to come into their London studios and show the country their pet!

So far we have been contacting show jumping pigs, massive lizards, agility performing cats etc so if you think your pet has a skill or is special enough to share with us, please get in touch! Owners and pets will need to be at the One Show's West London studios (White City) at 3.30pm on Friday and will be free to go home when we come off air at 8pm. We are a live show! We can arrange transport to and from studio.

Obviously as this is for this Friday's show we need to confirm and book transport details by Thursday afternoon latest so please get in touch asap (up until 3pm Thursday is probably feasible!) My direct number is 0208 008 5635 or can email me directly [email protected] - Gemma.

Keywords: pet talent, exotic pets, the one show,

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