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Weather cause delays with orders

Tuesday, 30th November 2010

Most of us have experienced poor weather so far this week, including freezing temperatures and heavy snow, this looks like it will carry on until early December.

We have been hit by heavy snow showers which has caused delays with dispatch of most orders. Due to our premises being very isolated, couriers are not able to deliver or make collections. Please bare with us, as soon as the weather picks up we will be working over time to have your order with you.

Deliveries of livestock, reptiles along with inverts will be delayed until the night time temperature increase, some live food orders may also be slightly delayed.

Due to us no manning the phones at the moment - please contact us via the website for a quicker reply. You are welcome to leave your name and number on our answering machine, please be aware it may not be until next week when we return your call.

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