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Two Common Boas adopted/rescued by Exotic Pets

Friday, 4th November 2005

Boa Constrictors may start off small and eat small amounts of food, but this does change with time! We have just adopted/rescued two adult Boas that had outgrown their enclosure and owners time causing the Boas to fall into poor condition.

Common Boas rescued

Two weeks ago we were contacted asking if we would be willing to adopt/rescue two Common Boas. After finding out about the snake’s background, we felt we had to help these poor snakes, which until now had not been treated with the care they needed.

The pair of Boas had been kept in a very small vivarium, not nearly enough room that this snake deserves and needs. This was rarely cleaned out and the poor Boas only had a meal once a month if they were lucky. Due to their conditions, they are both under weight and the Male has "scale rot" caused by lack of nutrition.

Chris who kindly took them on gave them a larger vivarium that was cleaned regularly and fed them every week to help them gain weight. Unfortunately, Chris situation changed and could no longer keep the Boas, this is where we came in.

Chris very kindly called us to see if we could help, either by knowing someone who had experience with these snakes or if we would be willing take them. We decided to adopt/rescue the Boas and give them the correct care they required, just like Chris had provided.

We built a new vivarium that measures 6x3x2.5 foot, placed a shelf on either side and also provided a large log connecting the shelves to allow the Boas some exercise. They have a large water area and are being fed approx. once a week on two Extra Large Rats, we are aiming to vary their diet with Rabbits and Quails too.

The Boas measure an impressive size with the male being 5ft and the female closer to 7ft. There is a chance that the female could reach 12ft, but Boas rarely reach this and average out between 7-9ft.

We will keep you up-dated on their progress, which is improving everyday. This year they did have some young despite their poor condition, so hopefully next year we may have some little baby Boas wanting new homes.

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