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Spiderman Lizard pet craze!

Monday, 5th October 2009

There has been a lot of interest for the Red Headed Agama due to the recent press release of the so called "Spiderman Lizard". They are being called the Spiderman Lizard due to their colouring of a red head and blue body.

We have seen a high interest for the Red Headed Agama due to the recent press release of the Spider-man Lizard.

These are an attractive species and do make a great display exotic, however, they are not suitable for beginners. Knowledge of keeping exotic pets is essential, special equipment for keeping reptiles in captivity is required.

Spiderman Lizard

We do not want to see people buying this lizard due to their recent press release and because it's the "in thing to do and own". This is a live animal and it is your responsibility to look after it, they can live up to 15 years in captivity.

All of the Red Headed Agamas are WC (Wild Caught), meaning age is unknown, they may have old fighting wounds and missing tails. We always state the origins of our pets when available to purchase. WC are also prone to stress which can cause internal parasites that can deteriorate the health of the lizard, in this case a trip to the vets is essential for worming treatment or you may lose your new pet.

As a responsible pet owner, please do your research on the Red Headed Agamas requirements. The initial cost for their enclosure, upkeep of replacing heat bulbs and UV lighting, along with their feeding needs.

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