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New telephone times

Monday, 8th June 2009

Due to an increased amount of both orders and telephone calls, we've had to review our telephone policy.

We always enjoy speaking to you. However, recently we've had to review the time we spend taking calls. It's important to us to dispatch you your orders as soon as possible ~ and to do this we need to be spending less time on the telephone in the day.

So, our telephone new policy is:

  • If you are calling regarding an order or you need an urgent reposonse, please clearly leave your name, number and a breif messgae and we will return your call.
  • For other enquires, please contact us via the website or if you wish to speak to someone directly, please call back after 4pm Mon-Fri

I'm sure anyone who has tried to call us, will understand (from the engaged tone) how many calls we get. Of course, if we aren't rushed off our feet we will be answering calls as usual.

Regards, Phil

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