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Pre-Orders now available

Friday, 15th May 2009

With over 170 species to choose from, you can be one of the first to order your new pet at a special pre-order price.

It's quick and easy to become a UK+ member, allowing additional saving.

Some species listed on the July 2009 Pre-Order are for experienced keepers only, you must fully understand the keeping requirements (including feeding habits). For example some snakes may only feed on live frogs and lizards i.e. Mangrove Snakes and Papuan Tree Boas.

Same goes for some species of lizards and amphibians - G.chamaeleontinus are very fragile and are difficult to keep in captivity. Your enclosure must be as natural as possible to ensure the health of your new exotic pet.

All CITES animals will need to be ordered before the deadline of Sunday 31st May. Orders for non-CITES species can be taken until Sunday 14th June.

This Pre-Order is due to arrive early-mid July 2009.

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