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Camel Spiders - Don't they look horrible!

Camel Spiders - Don't they look horrible! photo

Friday, 14th October 2005

If you want to see something that will probably give you nightmares, then have a look at what we have just got in stock!

Camel Spiders; Aggressive, horrible looking and capable of running near 10mph why would anyone want to own them?

If you have kept Tarantulas and Scorpions and would like to try something different, why not own a Camel Spider. Impress your friends with these strange and horrible looking creatures, especially when they are feeding! Caution should be taken as these WILL bite and this is painful - we haven't been bitten but just take a look at these videos we have found on the net:

So you are still fascinated by them, why not purchase one now while we have them in stock!

Just a quick up-date on current and NEW Stock:

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