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New Order Survey and other website updates

Monday, 28th July 2008

We've been busy updating how the site works - everything from how e-mail is handled to a new order survey system.

Order Survey

You can now rate your order - from quality to price; any orders complete from 01/04/2008 can now be rated with our Order Survey. You can access your order survey when via My Account > View my orders. 

Availability highlights

Thanks to some great feedback, we've now highlighted and colour coded the available to order and currently unavailable items on the pet/product lists. To make it clearer which pets/products are on site and which ones need ordering in, each item now displays on site and an off site icon and text.

Estimated dispatch dates

Companies have 30 days to dispatch an order, however we do our very best to process your order within 5-10 working days. To make this clearer, there is now a note stating the estimated dispatch date on the shopping basket and the checkout pages. 

Missing e-mail?

We reply to every e-mail we receive, however it has been brought to our attention that not all e-mail has been getting through to us. Your e-mail is important to us, so we've changed the way we collect and reply to e-mail. Now all e-mail from our contact form is stored in a database, each message has it's own unique id - so it can be easily traced.

Any e-mail messages sent via the contact form by signed-in registered members can now be tracked and replied to in My Account > View my messages.

We're still not 100% sure why or how much e-mail has gone missing, but we're hoping that the new database driven e-mail messaging system will fix the problem. If you're still having trouble contacting us via e-mail we now have a landline number you can call: 01246 568390

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