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Mexican Red Rump

Mexican Red Rump
Tliltocatl vagans

The Mexican Red Rump Tarantula gets its name from the red hairs present on the abdomen. They can be found in moist areas of Mexico.

Adult Size14-15cm
Growth RateAverage
Environment Grasslands / Tropical rainforests

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What does a Mexican Red Rump Tarantula look like?

This species has a basic black colour with long red hairs over the abdomen. They reach a body length of 7cm (3 inch) and a leg span of 10-13cm (4-5 inches).

This is the ideal beginner Tarantula, they are docile but can be skittish. They can flick hairs, so caution should be taken if handled.

Where are Mexican Red Rump Tarantulas from?

Found in burrows or under logs within moist areas of southern Mexico through to Hondurans.

How do you keep a Mexican Red Rump Tarantula?

Provide a deep substrate of 2-4 inches of potting soil, coconut fibre or vermiculite to allow the Tarantula to burrow. Provide hides in the form or cork bark, flower pots or reptile hides. A temperature of 25-27C (73-80F) best suits this species along with a high humidity of 65-75%.

Feed on a range of insects from crickets, locusts, mealworms and some adults will take mice pinkies. If the Tarantulas has a leg span of 3 inches or more, a small water dish can be placed inside the enclosure.

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