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Tortoise Diets for sale

A range of complete and complimentary diets suitable for Tortoises and other omnivorous reptiles.

Arcadia EarthPro Herbi-Mix
Arcadia EarthPro Herbi-MixDietary supplementPrices from7.19
20+ plants and over 100 natural ingredients for vegetarian species.
Lucky Reptile Testudo Mix
Lucky Reptile Testudo MixNatural dried dietPrices from3.99
Similar to the Lucky Reptile Tortoise Mix but aimed more at European species of tortoise with the addition of dried flowers and various vegetables.
Lucky Reptile Tortoise Candy
Lucky Reptile Tortoise CandyComplimentary dried foodPrices from5.59
A complimentary mix of tortoise food containing a mixture of fruits, vegetables and flowers which should be offered only as a treat.
Lucky Reptile Tortoise Mix
Lucky Reptile Tortoise MixNatural dried dietPrices from2.39
A natural pellet diet consisting of wild herbs which is vitamin rich and high in fibre.
ProRep Tortoise Feed Growing Kit
ProRep Tortoise Feed Growing KitNatural weed dietPrices from5.19
The ProRep Tortoise Feed Growing Kit is a complete kit for growing edible weeds for Mediterranean Tortoises. It can be used all year round with additional packs of seeds available to purchase.
ProRep Tortoise Food
ProRep Tortoise FoodNatural dried dietPrices from3.59
The ProRep Tortoise Food is a low protein, high fibre tortoise food that combines a range of natural ingredients. These included grasses and edible weeds that are chopped and then formed into cobs, before being gently dried.
Repashy SuperVeggie
Repashy SuperVeggieAll in one vegetable supplementPrices from9.99
The Repashy SuperVeggie is an all in one vegetable supplement that provides all essential Vitamins and Minerals for Herbivores.
Repashy Veggie Burger
Repashy Veggie BurgerOmnivore gel premixPrices from9.99
The Repashy Veggie Burger has been designed for omnivorous species; this can be made into small cubes or shredded.
T-Rex Tortoise Food
T-Rex Tortoise FoodComplimentary dried foodPrices from3.96
The T-Rex Tortoise Food can be mixed with fresh leafy greens or used on it's own as a backup diet.
White Python Tortoise Diet
White Python Tortoise Diet Complimentary dried foodPrices from6.29
A natural dried flower and plant mix which should be fed along with your Tortoises normal diet.
Zoo Med Gourmet Tortoise Food
Zoo Med Gourmet Tortoise FoodNatural dried dietPrices from11.24
Similar to Zoo Meds Grassland Tortoise Food but with the addition of dried Carrots, Hibiscus flower petals, and Sweet Potatoes.
Zoo Med Grassland Tortoise Food
Zoo Med Grassland Tortoise FoodNatural dried dietPrices from3.27
A high fibre natural diet for grassland species of tortoise with added vitamins and minerals.

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Wednesday 13 July 2016

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African Clawed Frog stock altered
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African Clawed Frog stock altered
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