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ProRep Live Plant - Ebony Wax Agave

ProRep Live Plant - Ebony Wax Agave
Echeveria ebony

Plant in combination with other Aloe species to make an interesting display. Bright lighting will help bring out the colours of this plant.

Pet SafeYes
Plant TypeGround
SizeUp to 30cm
Light StrengthBright light

ProRep Live Plant - Ebony Wax Agave - 8.5cm pot
Off Site (3-5 working days)
8.5cm pot
Earn 4 PetPoints

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What does an Ebony Wax Agave plant look like?

Ebony Wax Agave have smooth leaved succulents ideally suited to dry terrariums. They form low rosettes close to the ground and are especially attractive when used us foreground planting or between rocks. They have light green-grey leave that taper into a point, this is usually a purplish colour, making them very attractive.

How do you care for the Ebony Wax Agave plant?

Like most desert plants Reynolds Aloe need bright lighting, and a free draining soil. Although drought tolerant they prefer to be watered as the soil dries out, but before they are completely dry. Unless the terrarium is set up with a deep, bio-active substrate then plants is a dry terrarium are best kept in their pot, which is then disguised with substrate and decor. This allows the plants to be watered as necessary without making the whole substrate too damp.

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