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Livefood and Frozen for sale

Fresh quality livefood, care products and frozen reptile food in small quantities and bulk amounts.

Arcadia EarthPro CustodianFuel
Arcadia EarthPro CustodianFuelInsect dietPrices from4.79
The perfect solution to maintaining and feeding your bio-active insects.
Arcadia EarthPro InsectFuel
Arcadia EarthPro InsectFuelInsect dietPrices from3.59
Fantastic product for maintaining and gutloading all types of feeder insects.
Bean Weevil Cultures
Bean Weevil CulturesCallosobruchus maculatusPrices from2.30
A small beetle which is easy to culture and a great alternative livefood for spiderlings or praying mantis nymphs.
Black Crickets
Black CricketsGryllus bimaculatusPrices from1.69
Black crickets or field crickets are one of the most popular feeder foods for our exotic pets. These insects are available in 6 different sizes, please see our chart for more detailed information.
Buffalo Worms
Buffalo WormsAlphitobius diaperinusPrices from1.69
A great alternative food type for smaller species of lizard, amphibian and bird.
Calci Worms
Calci WormsHermetia illucensPrices from2.30
Calci worms are a fairly recent addition to the livefood market, already popular in America where they are sometimes known as phoenix worms or soldier grubs.
Curly-wing Flies
Curly-wing Flies UnknownPrices from1.69
An alternatiive food for fly loving insects such as praying mantis and small species of gecko.
Day Old Chicks
Day Old ChicksFrozen Reptile FoodPrices from4.80
Ideal for people who keep birds of prey and for reptile keepers who have large monitor lizards and pythons.
Dubia Cockroaches
Dubia CockroachesBlaptica dubiaPrices from2.30
A brillant alternative livefood for animals such as Bearded Dragons, terrestrial geckos and monitor lizards.
EarthwormsVariousPrices from1.69
Earthworms do make great feeder food for our captive exotic pets either chopped up or whole.
Exo Terra Cricket Pen
Exo Terra Cricket PenHolding pen with dispensing tubesPrices from7.94
Perfect for housing, keeping and dispensing of live crickets.
Fruit Beetle Grub
Fruit Beetle GrubPachnoda sp.Prices from2.54
A white, fat and juicy grub that can be fed to medium to large reptiles as a treat.
Fruit Fly Cultures
Fruit Fly CulturesDrosophila hydeiPrices from2.30
Flightless fruit fly cultures are an ideal livefood for small captive amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates.
Gamma Blister Packs
Gamma Blister PacksFrozen Reptile FoodPrices from1.99
Frozen aquatic food for feeding reptiles, amphibians and fish.
Gerbils Frozen Reptile FoodPrices from2.40
Not as commonly used as other frozen reptile products we sell. However we have found that trying alternative foods can help entice fussy feeding snakes.
Guinea Pigs
Guinea PigsFrozen Reptile FoodPrices from2.80
A direct alternative to rabbits and perfect if you own larger snakes such as reticulated pythons, Burmese pythons and boa constrictors.
HamstersFrozen Reptile FoodPrices from1.28
Not as commonly used as other frozen reptile products we sell. However we have found that trying alternative foods can help entice fussy feeding snakes.
LocustsShistocerca gregariaPrices from1.69
Locusts or Hoppers are generally used as an alternative food for slower moving lizards. These insects are available in 6 different sizes, please see our chart for more detailed information.
Lucky Reptile Kricket Keeper
Lucky Reptile Kricket KeeperHousing for cricketsPrices from9.80
The Lucky Reptile Kricket Keeper is designed to housing live insects such as crickets for a longer period.
MealwormsTenebrio molitor Prices from1.69
Mealworms are a great source of food for our reptiles and avian pets. People often feed these to wild birds also during the nesting season. They are full of protein and are easy to store. Available in 3 different sizes.
MiceFrozen Reptile FoodPrices from7.04
Mice are an excellent frozen reptile food and form the staple diet of most small to medium snakes. We offer a large variety of sizes and quantities to suit everyone.
Morioworms Zophobos morioPrices from1.69
Very similar to mealworms but more suitable for larger lizards such as Bearded Dragons and Monitor Lizards.
MultimammateFrozen Reptile FoodPrices from8.00
Fairly new to the market and commonly used by royal python keepers. We offer a variety of sizes and quantities to suit everyone.
ProRep Bug Boosters Calcium
ProRep Bug Boosters CalciumInsect dietPrices from4.79
These grape flavoured calcium jellies are designed to gut load livefood prior to use and boost its calcium content.
ProRep Bug Gel
ProRep Bug GelInsect water gelPrices from1.51
Specially formulated to provide a source of clean, fresh water for feeder insects without the risk of drowning.
ProRep Bug Grub
ProRep Bug GrubInsect dietPrices from1.83
A complete dry diet, high in calcium and protein, designed for the breeding and maintenance of all livefood insects. It is made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure maximum palatability.
ProRep Livefood Care Kit
ProRep Livefood Care KitInsect care kitPrices from11.99
The ProRep Livefood Care Kit has everything you require to keep your feeder insects healthier for longer and helps prevent any waste.
ProRep Springtail Food
ProRep Springtail FoodInsect dietPrices from6.99
The perfect solution for maintaining springtails in culture but without all the mess.
QuailsFrozen Reptile FoodPrices from2.80
Can be used as an alternative food source for larger snakes such as pythons, boa constrictors and birds of prey.
RabbitsFrozen Reptile FoodPrices from6.40
Perfect if you own larger snakes such as reticulated pythons, Burmese pythons and boa constrictors.
RatsFrozen Reptile FoodPrices from4.40
Rats are much heavier bodied than mice and are perfect for medium to large snakes. We offer a large variety of sizes and quantities to suit everyone.
Repashy Bug Burger
Repashy Bug BurgerComplete feeder insect dietPrices from7.99
Complete Feeder Insect Diet (Gel Premix) is a complete Diet for Crickets, Roaches, and other Insects. This premix makes up to 15 one cup size blocks of finished gel per pound.
Repashy Hydro-Load
Repashy Hydro-LoadWater replacement gutloadPrices from9.99
The Repashy Hydro-Load is a plant based water replacement gel that eliminates the need for using standing water for insect culture. This premix will make up to 72 one cup size blocks per pound!
Repashy SuperFly
Repashy SuperFlyFruit fly culture mediaPrices from5.99
The Repashy SuperFly is an instant formula for Drosophila cultures. This premium mixture is fortified with Minerals, Trace Elements, Vitamins, and Carotenoids in order to maximize the nutritional value of Fruit Flies as they are fed to prey.
Repashy SuperLoad
Repashy SuperLoadInsect gutload formaulaPrices from7.99
The Repashy SuperLoad is a concentrated gutloading formula that increases the nutritional value of feeder insects. This formula contains high levels of Calcium and other minerals as well as essential Trace Elements, Vitamins and Carotenoids.
Repashy SuperPig
Repashy SuperPigPigment enhancement formulaPrices from11.99
Repashy pigment enhancement formula is a Carotenoid Supplement designed to enhance the diet and appearance of Reptiles, Fish, Amphibians and Birds.
Silent Brown Crickets
Silent Brown CricketsGryllus assimilisPrices from1.69
Silent brown crickets are arguably the best staple diet for our exotic pets in captivity. These insects are available in 7 different sizes, please see our chart for more detailed information.
SnailsUnknownPrices from2.30
A new addition to our extensive livefood range. These slithering creatures come in 2 sizes and make a great alternative to feeding more common types of livefood.
Springtail Cultures
Springtail CulturesUnknownPrices from2.49
These arthopods are perfect for use with bio-active setups and have been used commonly with dart frog breeders for many years.
WaxwormsGalleria mellonellaPrices from1.69
Waxworms are a great treat for all exotic pets. They are full of fat, ideal for getting lizards to a good breeding weight.
Whiteworm Culture
Whiteworm CultureEnchytraeus albidusPrices from2.30
Perfect for use with bio-active setups forming part of a clean up crew.
Zoo Med Cricket Block
Zoo Med Cricket BlockCalcium based blockPrices from2.62
The Zoo Med Cricket Block is an easy to use Calcium-based block that helps gutload crickets prior to feeding to your animals.

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