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Interpet - Keeping Axolotls

Interpet - Keeping Axolotls
Author Linda Adkins

By following the clearly explained advice in this book you can enjoy a unique pet that will fascinate, reward and entertain you for many years.

Interpet - Keeping Axolotls - Keeping Axolotls
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Keeping Axolotls
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Axolotls are suprisingly easy to keep, they don't require special tanks, heating or lighting and will happliy enjoy living in a secluded tank with subdued lighting on a a window sill in your kitchen. However, they do require good water quality, not too much disturbance and a variety of interesting live food to keep their appetit stimulated.

They are remarkably social creatures enjoying the company of other Axolotls and take a keen interst in what is going on both inside and outside of their tanks.

  • Over 100 colour photographs
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Written by an experienced keeper
  • Unique resource for a growing audience of Axolotls owners
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