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Exo Terra Turtle Cliff

Exo Terra Turtle Cliff
Aquatic terrarium filter and rock

The Exo Terra Turtle Cliff is a waterfall, basking area and filter in one, ideal for turtles and other semi-aquatic species.

Exo Terra Turtle Cliff - Medium - 23x17x19.5cm
Off Site (3-5 working days)
Medium - 23x17x19.5cm
Earn 49 PetPoints
64.9948.74ClubPrice 46.17

Exo Terra Turtle Cliff - Large - 37x23x23.5cm
Off Site (3-5 working days)
Large - 37x23x23.5cm
Earn 65 PetPoints
86.9965.24ClubPrice 60.79

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Its state-of-the-art filtering system instantly transforms an aquatic terrarium setup into the ideal habitat. The hidden filter provides clear, healthy water while the waterfall features creates the necessary water circulation and aeration. Its natural rock texture and colour allows it to integrate easily into any aquatic terrarium setup.

  • Waterfall, basking area and filter in one
  • Integrates easily into any aquatic terrarium setup
  • Optimal hidden water filtration system
  • Provides the necessary water circulation and aeration
  • Ideal basking or terrestrial area for semi-aquatic animals

The Exo Terra Turtle Cliff is equipped with a Repti Clear Terrarium Filter, an optimal water filtration system with large filter volume and effective flow control. The 3-stage filtration system allows alternate replacement for continuous biological filter activity, guaranteeing optimal mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Additional filter material can be added to the chambers for increased filter performance. Aquatic heaters can also be concealed within the Exo Terra Turtle Cliff. The flat back and side can be easily positioned in the back corners of the Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium.

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