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Boas and Pythons for sale

Many of the Boa and Pythons can grow to a large size, so research must be done before you make any purchase.

Carpet Python PhotoAvailable to Order

Carpet Python
Morelia spilota

Carpet Pythons are large snakes varying in size depending on locality from four to twelve feet in length and weighing up to 15kg.

Common Boa Constrictor PhotoAvailable to Order

Common Boa Constrictor
Boa constrictor imperator

The Common Boa Constrictor can reach an adult length of 12ft but averages between 5-9ft. This species makes a great exotic pet, however a large enclosure is required when adult.

Kenyan Sand Boa PhotoAvailable to Order

Kenyan Sand Boa
Gongylophis colubrinus

Kenyan Sand Boas are found living within sandy areas of East Africa. Adults vary greatly in size depending on sex. Males are small measuring 15 to 18 inches, whereas females are large and stocky growing up to a size of 28 inches.

Reticulated Python PhotoAvailable to Order

Reticulated Python
Python reticulatus

The Reticulated Python is NOT a snake for beginners but ONLY experts who have the time and space this species requires. They are the largest species of snake that has been recorded at 33ft, they usually average out at 10-20ft!

Royal Python or Ball Python PhotoAvailable to Order

Royal Python or Ball Python
Python regius

Royal Pythons are calm, gentle and curious, making them an ideal beginners snake. You should be aware of their adult size, reaching up to 5 foot (1.5m) in length.

African Rock Python PhotoCurrently Unvailable

African Rock Python
Python sebae

The African Rock Python is the third largest snake in the world growing to an average size of 18 to 20 feet long, but can grow up to 28 feet long!

Amazon Tree Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Amazon Tree Boa
Corallus hortulanus

The Amazon Tree Boa can be found in a huge range of South America. They have adapted to live high in the trees.

Angolan Python PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Angolan Python
Python anchietae

The Angolan Python inhabits rocky areas in grasslands and open plains in Namibia and Angola in South Western Africa. They are reddish-brown with cream patterning, they rarely exceed 6ft.

Argentinean Rainbow Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Argentinean Rainbow Boa
Epicrates cenchria alvarezi

Argentinean Rainbow Boas reach an adult length of 4.5 to 6ft, although they are not a heavy bodied snake. They are native to the humid forests of north and central america.

Bolivian Short Tailed Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Bolivian Short Tailed Boa
Boa constrictor amarali

The Bolivian Short Tailed Boa is named due to the short tail compared to other Boa Constrictor species. They on average reach no more than 7 foot in length.

Brazilian Rainbow Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Epicrates cenchria cenchria

The Brazilian Rainbow Boa is a beautiful and attractive species. Being a medium to large snake, they will reach an adult length of 4-5ft, but could reach 7ft.

Burmese Python PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Burmese Python
Python molurus bivittatus

Do you really want a snake that can reach 25 ft in length and weigh up to 250 pounds? A lot of research should be done into these snakes before you purchase one, this is not a snake for a beginner!

Calabar Ground Python or Two Headed Python PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Calabar Ground Python or Two Headed Python
Calabaria reinhardtii

Calabar Pythons are very shy snakes and prefer cramped hide boxes to roomy ones.

Centralian Python PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Centralian Python
Morelia bredli

The Centralian Python is also known as the Bredls Python. They inhabit arid and semi arid areas of central Australia and reach an adult length of between 5 to 8 foot.

Columbian Rainbow Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Columbian Rainbow Boa
Epicrates cenchria maurus

Columbian Rainbow Boas can reach an adult length of 7ft but average out at 4-5ft. This species is said to be the trust worthiest of all Rainbow Boas species.

Ecuadorian Rainbow Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Ecuadorian Rainbow Boa
Epicrates cenchria ssp

The Ecuadorian Rainbow Boa looks similar to the Columbian Rainbow Boa. They are a dark chocolate brown with faint patterning and reach an average size of approx 4-5ft.

Emerald Tree Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Emerald Tree Boa
Corallus caninus

The Emerald Tree Boa is an attractive species, but experience is required in keeping snakes before adding them to your collection.

Green Anaconda PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Green Anaconda
Eunectes murinus

The Green Anaconda can reach 30ft, but usually averages at 18ft. This is NOT for a novice keeper, only experienced snake keepers should own this very large and heavy snake.

Green Tree Python PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Green Tree Python
Morelia viridis

These grow to approx. 1.8m in length and turn to green when adult. These snakes are for reptile keepers with experience in keeping large snakes.

Hog Island Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Hog Island Boa
Boa constrictor imperator

The Hog Island Boa is a smaller species averaging between four and five feet, they can reach seven feet in length. These are said to be extinct in the wild, therefore captive breeding is important.

Macklots Python PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Macklots Python
Liasis mackloti

The Macklots Pythons is a large snake, reaching adult lengths of between 6 and 8 feet, females being the largest. These snakes have a bad reputation for being aggressive, however, it regular handling they tame down.

Madagascan Tree Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Madagascan Tree Boa
Sanzinia madagascriensis

The Madagascan Tree Boa is an arborreal snake that reaches an average size of between 4 to 5 feet, however, some grow between 6 to 7 feet.

Mullers Sand Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Mullers Sand Boa
Eryx muelleri

The Muller's Sand Boas general colour pattern is yellowish to orange background with rounded or oval dark brown blotches.

Paraguayan Rainbow Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Paraguayan Rainbow Boa
Epicrates cenchria striatus

The Paraguayan Rainbow Boa is a medium build Boa reaching an adult size of approx. 4-5ft. They retain some of their juvenile patterning over a chocolate brown body.

Red Blood Python PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Red Blood Python
Python curtus brongersmai

Red Blood Pythons are very colour and reach an adult size of approx 5-6 foot.

Red Tailed Boa Constrictor PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Red Tailed Boa Constrictor
Boa constrictor constrictor

The Red Tailed Boa has a docile temperament, but are a large snake. Adults range from 8-10ft, but can reach 14ft. Before you buy one, please make sure you will have enough space to house when fully grown!

Rough Scaled Sand Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Rough Scaled Sand Boa
Eryx conicus

As the name suggests, Rough Scaled Sand Boa have hard bumpy scales and live within sandy areas of India and Pakistan. Adult reach a size of between 24 to 36 inches, females being larger.

Scrub Python or Amethystine Python PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Scrub Python or Amethystine Python
Morelia amethystina

The Scrub Python is Australias largest snake that averages out at 10-16 ft, but these have been known to reach 28 ft. These are beautiful snakes, but can be aggressive so experience with large snakes is a must.

Viper Boa PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Viper Boa
Candoia aspera

Viper Boas are also known as Pacific Ground Boas. They are a small species reaching 75cm

White Lipped Python PhotoCurrently Unvailable

White Lipped Python
Leiopython albertisii

White Lipped Pythons are found throughout most parts of tropical New Guinea and nearby islands.

Woma Python PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Woma Python
Aspidites ramsayi

The Woma Python is considered one of the most docile and easily handled snakes which reaches 4.5ft. They are very attractive in appearance making them very sought after. They are considered to be an endangered species in the wild.

Yellow Anaconda PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Yellow Anaconda
Eunectes Notaeus

The Yellow Anaconda should be kept by experienced keepers only due to their aggressive nature and adult size of 7-12ft.

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